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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NEW on the menu!

Carrot Creamcheese Cake
with a touch of Lemon Zest!

RM2.20* per pieces
*with a minimum order of 20pcs

RM55 for a whole cake (cuts to approx. 25pcs)


Cherry size (4.5 cm/S) :
- RM52 for 25 pcs
- RM63 for 30 pcs
Strawberry size (5.0 cm/M) :
- RM62 for 25 pcs
- RM75 for 30pcs
Breastberry size (5.5 cm/L):
- RM72 for 25pcs
- RM85 for 30pcs

RM65 for a whole cake

We hope you guys are as excited as we are with our NEW menu. We will be waiting for your order!


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How to place order(s)?

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